Communities of Property Owners can now hold in-person residents’ meetings

celebración de juntas de vecinosAs of 1 January 2022, Communities of Property Owners can now hold in-person residents’ meetings. This follows the expiration of the deadline set forth in Royal Decree 8/2021, with regards to communities of property owners. You are reminded that this decree established a deadline of 31 December 2021 for the banning of in-person meetings, which could only be held in specific cases and under exceptional circumstances.

In this post-Christmas period, Covid-19 continues to spread in the community and the number of infections caused by the Omicron variant is increasing. The week begins with the return to school and changes to the self-isolation protocols for close contacts of positive cases. While the vaccine roll-out is progressing well, the authorities insist on the continued application of protective measures.

In light of the current infection rate, Mediterráneo recommends that you don’t let down your guard. As such, you should continue to follow the recommended health measures when holding in-person meetings.

Recommendations for holding in-person meetings

  • Wear a face mask
  • Maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact
  • Choose a suitable and well-ventilated venue
  • Reduce the number of attendees and the duration of the meeting

Holding virtual residents’ meetings

Since the Covid-19 pandemic put the Spanish Horizontal Property Law (LPH) in check, a new and much more flexible system for holding meetings became more commonly used. We are talking, of course, about virtual meetings. We at Mediterráneo have adopted this system due to the many advantages that it offers. We are continuing to hold virtual meetings to make life simpler and easier for all Communities of Property Owners.

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We would like to highlight the positive reception that this format has had from property owners and administrators, who are very satisfied with the results obtained to date. This system brings a lot of much-needed flexibility to the holding of meetings.

Benefits of virtual meetings

  • Prevents infection. This meeting format does not require any physical contact with other people, and thus prevents infection.
  • Ensures higher attendance. Based on our experiences in 2021, we are able to state that more people attended virtual meetings than the standard in-person meetings that were held prior to the pandemic, with people based in other countries also able to attend with this new format.
  • Avoids travel.

If your Community wants to hold a virtual residents’ meeting, please contact your Mediterráneo Property Administrator. If we aren’t your property administrator yet, you can request a quote here for your Community of Property Owners.

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When holding in-person residents’ meetings, please adopt sanitary measures in order to avoid infection and protect your health and that of other people.




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