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Mediterráneo is the alternative for property managers who work independently and for those who want to join the profession. Being part of a team with over 60 years of experience, with support departments in all areas of work, will allow you to achieve a better work-life balance.

The evolution of technology, the increasing responsibility of the property manager, ongoing regulatory changes, or the current shortage of professionals are just some of the challenges facing the sector and are managed better when accompanied.

What challenges do we face?

The situation of property managers in Spain has continued to change in recent years. Since the pandemic, technology is advancing faster and the obligations of the property manager, along with their responsibilities, are increasing without the adjustment to the price of services compensating for the workload this entails.

Responsibility of the property manager

The property manager is professionally responsible for the performance of their duties, including:

  • Management of digital mailboxes.
  • Coordination of business activities (CAE).
  • Compliance with the Data Protection Law.
  • Issuance of debt certificates.
  • Compliance with the labor and tax obligations of the communities.

Mediterráneo assumes responsibility for the property managers working within its organization.

Balancing personal life

Balancing personal life with professional development is becoming increasingly challenging.

The increase in workload for property managers, as well as holding owners’ meetings outside office hours and in locations sometimes far from home, are main reasons that don’t attract new professionals.

At Mediterráneo, we are committed to work-life balance, both through flexible schedules and by promoting virtual meetings.

All designed to balance quality and reduce workload.


Facing professional activity alone generates stress and uncertainty.

The time to face a meeting, closing accounts, tax filing, meeting notices, drafting minutes, urgent attention to maintain services, or the additional effort to stay updated legally are laborious tasks.

Any assistance to streamline them reduces work time and improves quality. Having a team by your side will bring you a lot of peace of mind.


It may be time to make an important decision. As the end of your working life approaches and you wonder what to do with your office before it loses value, that’s when your opportunity truly presents itself.

Mediterráneo has been the alternative in recent years for over 110 offices that have joined our project, not leaving their clients or team members alone.

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Testimonials from integrated offices

After integrating over 110 offices in the last ten years, we are convinced that all of them made the best decision.

Common situations

“I have little left in this, it’s not worth it.”

The career of a property manager typically begins with growth and ends with a decline in business and value. At the outset, motivation and youth drive expansion, but as a certain age is surpassed, and faced with competition, technological innovation, and sectoral challenges, sustaining growth becomes difficult.

In offices without successors, it is prudent to consider a strategic retirement. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for the future and recognize the moment for such a significant change for yourself.

“I have an office with 1 or 2 employees.”

Small-sized offices typically generate revenues of 80,000 to 120,000 euros annually. However, they face a series of challenges, such as managing expenses and the burden of daily business concerns.

Mediterráneo can be a particularly attractive solution.

The decision to join us will bring you numerous benefits. Not only will you reduce work stress, thanks to streamlined processes and cost reduction, but you will also be able to increase revenues.

Later on, my office will lose value.”

Seeing 90-year-old property managers leading meetings is uncommon. Setting aside those extremes, the value of your portfolio when you’re 65 varies considerably from when you were 45 or 50. Age and health become crucial due to the need to maintain a personal and direct relationship with clients.

What if you had a health problem?

The relationship between clients and property managers is one of close dependence. The lack of partners or employees prepared to assume responsibilities in the absence of the leader poses a risk in the face of eventualities. At Mediterráneo, mutual support within the team ensures that if someone needs a break, they can do so peacefully.

“Why do I work so many hours?”

The shortage of personnel in small offices forces us to allocate a lot of time to administrative tasks. Moving to the Mediterráneo model reduces this burden thanks to its organizational efficiency, facilitating a smooth transition for clients and strengthening their confidence.

“I feel lonely”

In this sector, loneliness, boredom, and insecurity about potential problems are common and can negatively impact the office. At Mediterráneo, we support and protect each other.

Today for you, tomorrow for me.

“My owners are special”

We agree. With over 60 years of experience in various offices across Spain, we have found that peculiarities are more common than one might imagine. Clearly, each community is unique

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