How to increase the value of my house

If the time has come to show off your house and you want to sell your current home, you should know that making a small investment in improvements and maintenance can increase the value of your property by 5% or 10%.

It’s clear that we all have different tastes, some prefer minimalist decor while others prefer it to be more classic. Regardless of the type of decor your house has, there are some things that are influential in giving a good impression and increasing its valuation.

In this article we’ll tell you the key aspects and tips that you should consider if you want to sell your property faster and have the buyer choose a certain house.

The entrance of the house

It’s important that the entrance is well cleaned and clear and that there is no clutter nor a whole lot of shoes in a row. One tip for making the entrance feel more spacious is to place a mirror on the wall.

Views and light

Orientation is one of the most valued things. An interested buyer usually visits the house at different times of the day. If you have a terrace, make the most of it. Having a nice little corner in which to have a good time is one of the aspects most valued by buyers, especially after the Covid-19 crisis. Open all the blinds and curtains wide to let the light in. Use warm light bulbs and if necessary replace the light switches with more modern ones. A piece of advice: ventilate and air out the whole place an hour before visits to convey a feeling of freshness and get rid of possible odours.

Maintenance touch ups

Having the outside walls of the house in perfect condition is a point in your favour when negotiating the price of the house. Swapping doors and windows for ones that offer better insulation, both thermal and acoustic, will make the home more efficient, increasing the chances of success with the sale or rental. In this regard you are recommended to check out grants for improving the house’s energy efficiency.

Painting the walls in neutral colours, getting rid of leaks, damp or problems with the bathroom pipes, are just some things to consider. In this respect, insurance plays a key role. There are insurance policies that offer you a few extra hours of manual work to carry out small repairs, free of charge. If you still don’t have reliable home insurance, check with our insurance broker, Securme, and get your home insurance at the best possible price.

Small refurbishments in the kitchen and bathroom

These are the rooms that buyers look at the most. Buying a house where the kitchen or the bathroom needs a complete refurbishment sometimes means having to lower the price of your house more than necessary. Renovation ranges from simple actions such as cleaning porcelain tiles and taps to their complete replacement. You can replace the handles, put up vinyl wallpaper or change the flooring. The average price for refurbishing a kitchen is around €650.

As for the bathroom, it’s the same story. It’s the centre of attention. You don’t have to change the toilets, changing the toilet seat, the sink basin, the bathroom curtains or replacing the bathtub with a comfortable and practical shower tray or fittings are some of the things you can do to give it a more updated look. If you need to carry out a little renovation, we recommend Miserv, a platform for finding reliable, certified professionals.

Storage and fitted wardrobes

Without a doubt, the fact that a house has storage spaces and fitted wardrobes in every room makes a lot of difference. Taking advantage of unused space to create a wardrobe can be a great idea and a great way to sell or rent your home.

Removing partitions to give more space

You’ll need an architect to make sure it doesn’t affect a structural element. It’ll help you gain a lot of space.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you assess the cost of each improvement and the value it can add. Don’t invest in fancy or overly eccentric ornaments, as everyone has their own taste and it’ll be more difficult to ensure that it’s to most people’s liking.

Focus on creating a clean, fresh and tidy space where the potential buyer is able to focus on the not too distant future.

Other things to keep in mind and that are highly valued by buyers:

Shops, public transport and parking

Buyers positively value those features that make a house well placed

– For it to be in a safe neighbourhood

– Close to all amenities

– Accessibility to public transport.

Parking at or near the house is a key aspect when deciding to buy.

Community improvement projects

The perceived value of the property starts at the entrance hall of your home and the exterior. This is the first thing the potential buyer will look at when he or she goes to visit it. At this point it is important that the community is well managed by the property administrator. At Mediterráneo we know that each community is its own world, therefore, we adapt ourselves in a personalised way to the characteristics of each managed community. Remember, if you have any questions or want to contact your administrator, you can do so through the app that you can download through this link.

Trust Mediterráneo Homes for the sale or rent of your property

Because we know every community very well. Our administrators know all about your home, who lives in it and its condition. In addition, they keep in touch with our real estate experts, who know the market and have access to our database of over 85,000 owners. If you want to know more about Mediterráneo Homes visit the website, you can start right now by registering your property or if you’d prefer, contact our real estate experts.


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