Home Staging, the key to selling your apartment in 2021

Home staging

Mediterráneo offers the Home Staging service to help you sell your house more quickly

Times change and we change with them, the same is happening in the property sector. In the same way that future purchasers have changed the way they search for a property, sellers must also adapt and look at new ways of selling. This is why Home Staging, the subject of this article, is the new sales technique that will make your property sell more quickly and at a better price in 2021. We tell you everything you need to know about Home Staging that, although it may sound odd, has been around for much longer than you might think. Read on!

What it is Home Staging

It is a property marketing technique that aims to improve the image of properties in order to speed up their sale using appropriate furniture, accessories and colours.

Up to now, this incredible technique was only used for luxury properties and large property promotions because of the cost involved.

The key points of Home Staging

The aim is to prepare or “dress” your property for sale so that the client can imagine themself living there. The key is giving it a neutral appearance, but also making it appear welcoming and comfortable. It seeks to depersonalise the property, removing sentimental, emotional or personal items of the family that was living there.

Type of furniture used

Small, neutral and cheap furniture is usually used. Home staging works well with an empty property, sometimes it is harder to sell an empty property than one that has unattractive furniture.

You should know that this technique can considerably reduce the time taken to sell a property from 240 to 60 days, according to a study carried out by the Home Staging Association of Spain.

It was only a question of time until the better real estate agencies decided to use Home Staging on their properties.

In the 80s the Spanish band Mecano sang “Sombra aquí, sombra allá, maquíllate” (Eye shadow here, eye shadow there, put on your make up…)”, a chorus that could be the catchphrase of Home Staging. Just as we take care over our look and appearance to suit the occasion, why don’t we also do this for our properties?

When is home staging used?

This technique was created by the American, Barb Schwarz, in the seventies, when after a year working as a real estate agent and thanks to her theatrical streak, she decided to make a “mise en scène”. She created a story and scenery for the real life that might have existed in a house that she was selling. Barbara managed, through her Home Staging, to sell a house that had been on the market for two years.

Now, thanks to Schwarz, Home stating is a must, not only for people wishing to sell their house quickly, but also for agencies who want to draw attention to a property’s real potential and sell it more quickly.

When should Home Staging be used?

If you have a house for sale that needs a makeover but you don’t have the time or are not willing to invest much money in it, and at the end of the day the purchaser will decide how to decorate it.

This technique is for you if…

  • You want to sell your property quickly. HS can make your property more attractive and lead to more visits.
  • If your house has been on the market for a long time. Giving it a new image is like presenting a new property and can catch the attention of possible buyers.
  • Your flat is inherited and is full of old, personal items. HS will help you to make it look modern and up-to-date.
  • If you want to make the maximum profit on your property.
  • Your house is empty. You can bring it to life with new furniture for the photos and videos.
  • Your property is high-quality. Interested clients will like seeing the house with modern details.

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The benefits of using Home Staging for your house

  • More attractive photos to advertise it. Almost 100% of buyers ignore adverts that do not have photographs, followed by those that do have photographs, but of such poor quality that these are also rejected. So it is important to have photographs of your property. They must be of a good quality but what the photographs show is also relevant.
  • Revalue your property. Being able to show the best possible image of your property revalues it because you will sell it more quickly and avoid having to reduce the price for each visit.
  • It is affordable and fast. It involves a makeover of your property to catch a buyer’s attention, it does not involve refurbishment.
  • Speed up the sale. The Spanish Association of Home Staging assures us that it takes an average of 60 days to sell a property, compared with 240 days if this technique is not used.
  • Standing out from the competition will lead to more visits. If your house suddenly catches the eye of buyers because of its photographs, you will, without a doubt, receive more visits.

 Differences between decorating and Home Staging

Although they might appear to be the same thing, they are not. The two terms must not be confused.

  • Decorating consists of making your house look the way you want it to, to suit your tastes, purposes and convenience. Decorating is giving your house a particular style. You tend to use specific colours, materials, textures….
  • Home Staging, as we have explained above, is a sales technique that consists of depersonalising your property. It is based on a property presentation strategy to highlight your property’s strong points. It shows an ideal, magazine lifestyle that many people find attractive. Neutral colours and furniture with clean lines.

6 basic techniques of Home Staging

  1. Cleaning the property
  2. Plumbing and minor works
  3. Painting in neutral colours
  4. Depersonalising the spaces
  5. Minimalist and clean design
  6. Making use of the property’s natural light

At Mediterráneo Homes we offer this service to all owners who are selling a house and who wish to sell it more quickly. Would you like to sell your house in record time? Contact us!


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