Plants in your bedroom – good or bad?

Plants in your bedroom - good or bad?Sleeping with plants in your bedroom is a very interesting option for anyone who wishes to balance the air. However, not all types of plants work well; we are going to look into this in more detail to help you choose plants that are right for you.

Oxygen in your bedroom: how can I sleep with plants in my bedroom?

There is one drawback often raised in relation to the air in our bedrooms. As has been shown, in the evening plants start to feed on oxygen and release carbon dioxide. By contrast, during the day they photosynthesise and create this oxygen.

It’s useful to know this because plants can be used at different times and moments of the day. However, it is important to explain that the amount of oxygen absorbed by the majority of plants is quite small. So we can safely say that sleeping with plants in your bedroom is to be recommended unless you suffer from a serious respiratory problem.

Even NASA has shared studies which conclude that the amount of oxygen needed by plants is tiny. So, we are able to say that sleeping with plants in your bedroom is not risky, except in very extreme situations.

Knowing which plants to choose is very important in order to avoid any problems. Many people prefer to sleep with plants in their bedroom because of the valuable benefits they offer.

The benefits of sleeping with plants in your bedroom

The environment and the image they create

One of the several advantages of embellishing and decorating your bedroom with plants is that it creates a beautiful appearance and a pleasant environment. If you know how to select a composition that reflects your character, you will improve the appearance of your home and your relaxing corner.

Going into your room and seeing well cared for plants provides a great sense of well-being. Many people find this very appealing.

Attractive scents and smells

As we all know, some plants are known for their ability to produce different scents which can make for a more pleasant environment.

But as with everything, extremes can sometimes be unpleasant so our advice is to opt for plants which don’t have really pungent scents, which could become annoying. A gentle scent is always a pleasant and restful companion.

Improving your well-being

Many people love having plants in their bedroom because it brings them a sense of well-being. From this perspective, it is beneficial to make good choices when it comes to the species of plants you are going to have in your bedroom.

In the long term, this mixture and combination of facts will help you to feel better, and make all the difference.

Factors when introducing plants into your home

Once you know that having plants in your house is not a bad idea, it’s good to know how to use them. Indeed, enjoying your plants is easy if you know how to arrange them and look after them. So here are our recommendations for making the most of your plants.

Arrange them in a harmonious composition.

If you really want to have one or several plants it’s a good idea to arrange them correctly so they look good together. Plants say a lot about a person, for example about whether you are tidy or have good taste.

It’s important to keep this in mind in order to avoid problems, after all, this is one of the recurring pieces of advice for making a difference. There are many theories that talk about harmony in spaces, for example “feng shui”, and plants tend to play an important role within these philosophies.

Go for your favourite plants

Although this may appear obvious, if you are going to have plants in your bedroom, don’t be swayed by other people’s opinion and be sure that you really do like them. These plants will be your sleeping companions so you must give them the importance they deserve.

It is no surprise that favourite plants help to improve people and make them feel much better. There is no reason to buy a plant that is particularly recommended but that we think is horrible in our relaxing corner; avoid this unnecessary stress.

Ideas for plants to relax with at home:

  • Aloe Vera: releases oxygen at night.
  • English ivy: improves asthma and allergies. Removes moulds from the air.
  • Snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue: one of the plants that purifies the air most.
  • Peace lily: increases the level of humidity in the room.
  • Bamboo palm: purifies the air improving your rest.

Look after your plants well

One of the aspects that reflects whether plants look good is whether they have been correctly looked after or not. For this reason, it is advisable not to forget to care for them and water and prune them when they need it.

This aspect relates to you radiating a feeling of order in your home because avoiding untidiness also relates to caring properly for your plants.

In conclusion, we can confirm that the environment and atmosphere of our bedrooms is extremely important for improving the quality of our rest. For reasons like this, we should be aware that the decision to have plants or not is an important one, particularly bearing in mind that it is not dangerous.



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