What is the minimum distance an air conditioner should be from the neighbour’s window?

distancia aire acondicionado con la ventana del vecino

What is the minimum distance of the air conditioner from the neighbour’s window?

Noise is one of the main problems arising from the installation of air conditioning on the facade of buildings. These devices have an exterior unit and an interior one that can cause unwanted sounds. In any case, to install an air conditioner, you always have to have the approval of the community of neighbours, as long as urban restrictions allow it and the facade is not protected.

As for the distances that an air conditioner must respect with regard to the windows closest to it, the sum of the units or unit of its discharge flow must be taken into account. These must never exceed 3,600m3/h of air. Therefore, the minimum distance will be 2.50m from the windows of the upper floors and 2 m from the windows located at the same height where the air conditioner will be placed.


Things to keep in mind before installing an air conditioner

On the other hand, we must not forget another series of guidelines when installing the air conditioner on a facade.

Where can we place it?

When placing an exterior air conditioning unit, we must choose a safe place with a distance of about 10 to 20 meters from the split. This must be an easily accessible place for the proper maintenance of the device. Finally, it should be noted that the air conditioner compressor must be firmly attached on supports or brackets fixed on the facade wall. To do this, it is important to check that these supports are verified to withstand the weight, as well as the inclement weather. We remind you that through MiServ, you can find the professional you need for your air conditioner installation.

Minimum noise requirements

Likewise, for the installation of an air conditioner, we cannot forget the minimum requirements regarding the permitted noise. Although today’s air conditioners virtually do not emit noise, it is important to know where the limits are. To do this, we need to know what the Noise Law is according to each Autonomous Community, always differentiating between residential or industrial area, as well as between the decibels allowed during the day or night. As a point of reference, it should be noted that the WHO sets a maximum of 65 db during the day and 55 db as the appropriate noise level at night. In this article, we tell you what is the allowed schedule to make noise at home. Don’t stop reading it!

Air conditioning installation regulations


When we are about to place an air conditioner, we must always do it with a certified professional installer. What does this mean? That this person must be certified by the Directorate General of Industry and Mines for the handling of this kind of devices. The installer, at the end of his work, will have to issue a certificate where data such as the model and serial number of the units installed, type of refrigerant, name and certificate number of the operator, etc. will appear.

If we choose to buy our air conditioner in a large store, the seller is obliged to give us a sheet that we will have to return signed and on which a document that will have to be filled in by the installer within a year from the date of purchase appears.

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