Ideas and tips for decorating the TV wall

ideas y consejos para decorar la pared de la televisión

You already have the decor for your living room, fantastic furniture full of history, curtains with a very special fabric, your favorite cushions and… to top it all off, a black piece of furniture as the crowning glory in the middle of the living room. No matter how you arrange the sofas, you know that they’re always going to be facing the television. Gone are the horrendous tube televisions, but they’re now bigger, with more inches and more cables. The one for the PlayStation, HDMI, internet and, although we now use smart TVs, however slim and unique their design may be, the problem still exists. The television is a device and no, it’s not pretty. This is why we’ve looked for ideas on how to use the television as a decorative element that can be fully incorporated into your living room and take attention away from it.

Minimalist, restrained and balanced style

If you like simplicity and think that “less is more”, this is definitely the best option for you. Opt for a blank, white wall and let the only focal point be the television, either mounted or on a stand. What’s more, the latest developments on the market bring us televisions that perfectly imitate a painting, as if it were a work of art.

To give it a unique and more attractive twist, you can try adding some texture, wallpaper or colour. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Ideas para decora la pared de la televisiónSean Fenessy

pared de la televisión con textura

Hearst by Elledecor


Dmitry Reutov

Ideas for concealing the TV and making it go unnoticed

There are plenty of options here, you could insert it inside a shelving unit, inside a piece of furniture, camouflaged as part of a painting or why not as a dividing element between two rooms. Take a look at these ideas!

Televisión como si fuese un cadro apra decorar la pared de la televisión

Foto: Philip Durrant. Estilismo: Olivia Gregory. ElleDecor


Televisión camuflada como parte de un cuadro

Peter Murdock y Douglas Friedman

Televisión como elemento divisorio

By Armelle Habib


Televisión escondida dentro de un mueble

Estudio Gil by Elledecor

Decorar-pared-televisión-estilo-futuristaBy decorandohogares

Televisión como parte de una estanteriaHow should we place the TV?

Mounted or upright, a question of space

If you have space problems, mount it on the wall. You just have to choose the right fixings to mount it. There are different models. Ones that tilt, with an arm to move it away from the wall or with fixed brackets, which are the easiest to install and cheapest. And check the weight that the wall will support. A 55-inch TV weighs approximately 17 kg. You’ll usually find this information in the TV’s instruction manual.

Best location for the television

The best location is always perpendicular to the window. Never in front of it to avoid creating uncomfortable reflections.

With these tips we hope that you now know where you’re going to place the TV in your home and that you’ll enjoy a good movie session with some popcorn.





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