How to increase the lifespan of your washing machine

The washing machine is one of the most valued and vital household appliances, particularly when there are children in the house. Lengthening their lifespan is very important to avoid unnecessary expense and in particular, to avoid a major headache. It is the ‘magical’ appliance par excellence, returning our clothes to us clean and perfumed in just over half an hour.

How to increase the lifespan of your washing machine

Below we give you a series of tips if you want to lengthen the useful life of your machine and want it to work well for many years:

Type of cycle you should use

It is preferable to wash clothes on a cold or warm cycle of 40o maximum. By doing this we create less wear and tear on the washing machine and, as a bonus, also save electricity. Be careful when spinning, we recommend 1,200 rpm as a maximum spin speed to avoid premature breakdowns.

Cleanliness of the door seal

In order to care for your washing machine it is very important not to use too much detergent because this can accumulate on the rubber seal. After each wash it is recommended to check and clean the rubber seal using a little water and a cloth, to avoid the growth of fungi and mould, as this is an area where moisture tends to accumulate.

Clean the filter

It is very important to clean the washing machine filter because this is responsible for collecting all types of objects and residue that are found in your clothes in each wash. It is recommended to clean it approximately every 6 months. The filter can be found on the lower part of the machine. Put a cloth on the floor when you are going to clean it as some water may leak out when you open it.

Washing machine hoses

The hoses of the machine fill the washing machine with clean water and remove the dirty water and they are located at the back of the machine.

Normally they tend to last 5 years but it is always recommended to check that they are in a good condition and if not, you should change them to avoid causing damage to the machine.

Do not overfill the washing machine

It is advisable to fully load the washing machine because this saves money but we must also be careful not to overload it. If it is overloaded, the drum has to work harder, the clothes are not cleaned properly and the machine will age more quickly.

Leave the door open

Always leave the washing machine door half-open when not in use so that the residual moisture can evaporate, which will prevent bad smells and mould.

Household tip

Once a month add a splash of vinegar and a cup of bicarbonate directly into the drum. Put it on a long programme at a high temperature. This will remove any bad smells and any traces of mould or residues that may remain inside your machine.

We hope that this advice will ensure that your washing machine has a long life. And remember that if your washing machine breaks down you can find a trustworthy professional through the platform Miserv. Find the professional you need with just one click.


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