Charging an electric car in a community of owners

recarga coche eléctrico en comunidad

The car industry is on an unwavering course towards electric vehicles. Statistics show that sales of electric and hybrid models are going to triple in the next two years, particularly in large cities. Data from industry associations and large consulting firms shows that the numbers may grow by up to 10–12% in 2025 and 30% in 2030.

This is despite still being under development to perfect some aspects of their performance. Electric cars are the best option for getting around without contributing to city pollution.

Still, the truth is that if we have an electric car or are thinking about buying one, the number one question is whether we can install a charging point in a community garage to charge it more easily. Although some new housing developments already have charging points in their car parks, what happens in other communities, buildings and private garages? If this is you and you have an electric vehicle but no garage to charge it in, we’re going to tell you how to install a charging point for an electric car and what the Horizontal Property Act says about installing one in a community of owners.

What does the Horizontal Property Act say?

The answer is in Article 17.5 of the Horizontal Property Act (Ley de Propiedad Horizontal – LPH), which governs their installation and says that: “The installation of an electric vehicle charging point for private use in a building car park only requires that the community be notified, provided that it is located in an individual garage space”.

So, you can install an electric car charging point in your community. Moreover, you will not need the agreement of the rest of the residents or a majority as in other types of community agreement.

How do you pay for the power used to recharge your electric car?

 Article 17.5 says that The cost of installation and the corresponding electricity consumption will be borne in full by those with a direct stake in the charging point”.

In other words, it is enough to want to install a charging point, inform the community and cover all the costs.

If you need to install a charging point in your garage, the professionals at Miserv can help you and will fill you in on some of the technical features necessary for the installation.

We advise that you ask if any other residents have an electric car or are interested in one, as the ideal way is to install chargers throughout the property or follow the same installation criteria for all residents so they can use their own charger in the future.

Talk to your property manager about any assistance or subsidies for installation in either private or community garages.

How much does a charging point cost?

Broadly speaking, the average cost of installation can be around 1000 euros, as you will need to pay for more than just the wall box. You will also need:

  • The charger installed on the wall. Its price depends on how many connections it has and its technological features.
  • Wiringfor the installation, which goes from the charging point to the wall box.
  • Protective devices, such as cable conduits to bring the current to your garage.
  • The cost of the technicians.

We install your electric car charging point

Use our Miserv platform to find the technician you need to install a charging point in your community or private garage. You can rest easy knowing that the installation meets the established safety rules and regulations.

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If you have any questions, contact your Mediterráneo property manager or download the Miserv app and find the person you need close to your area.

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