The benefits of domotics for your home

Concern for climate change is also being reflected in the construction sector. Its objective is simply to design green and environmentally-friendly houses. To achieve this, the property is positioned to allow better use of light and heat from the sun, recyclable insulation is used which allows energy saving, etc. But what can we do to make our houses more sustainable? The answer lies in domotics for the home. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of domotics for your home.

What isdomotics?

So-called smart houses are no longer a novelty in our country. More and more people are deciding to invest in comfort and energy saving. There was a problem when domotics first appeared years ago in the middle of a major economic crisis. This fact meant that this sector would remain stagnant in Spain and behind other countries like the USA. However, now nothing is further from the truth. Demotics for your home is not just a luxury, it’s a short – medium term investment.

Domotics is a term used to refer to automated houses. Accordingly, domestic domotics is based on the construction of systems that control the different functions within a property in an automated way. The use of domotics in the home results in a smart home.

Examples of domotics in the home

If you are interested in improving the comfort of your house while at the same time saving energy and helping to care for the planet, this will be of interest to you. If we consider that the main functions of a smart home are energy control, climate control and security, then we can establish the following characteristics that make a home intelligent.

  • Programmable lighting: controlling internal and external lights in a house is part of domotics in the home. Not only can you programme when your lights turn on and off from your mobile phone, you can also change their brightness to suit the décor of your house or your mood. The natural light in your house is also controlled using automated curtains and blinds which open or close according to your needs.
  • Smart climate control: the temperature inside your house can also be controlled for greater energy saving. Both the heating and the air conditioning or fans can be programmed to come on or go off at a set time and at a previously set temperature. In fact, there are smart thermostats that collate information in order to set the temperature to suit the needs of each property. In this way, the climate is adjusted based on the characteristics of each family.
  • Security systems:domotics makes your house a much safer place. Security systems can be installed that will protect your property from both the inside and the outside. For example, there are doors that can only be opened using facial recognition of the property owner. Similarly, you can install sensors and security cameras that can be controlled from a mobile device so you know what is happening inside your property 24 hours a day. Finally, you can alsomonitor the data on your gas and electricity installations in order to warn occupants if there is a risk or possible danger to their safety.
  • Intelligent appliances: the Internet of Things allows you to connect your appliances to smart devices. Now your fridge can warn you if you have food that is about to go off and your washing machine can calculate the amount of dirt on your clothes for a more efficient use of washing powder and energy.
  • Accessibility: domestic domotics can also improve access to your house for disabled people. Ramps that unfold controlled by your mobile phone, doors that open without being touched…. A great advantage that sweeps aside architectural barriers in your home.

In short, new technologies are here to stay. An investment that will not only improve the comfort and accessibility of your home, but will also considerably reduce your consumption.

If you would like to know more about how you can install domotic systems in your property, please consult the MiServ professionals, our platform for finding trusted professionals for your home. What are you waiting for?

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