Who takes care of the cracks in the building?

grietas en edificio, ¿quién se hace cargo?The appearance of cracks in buildings is a fairly common phenomenon. This problem can be due to different causes. In this article we tell you when you have to worry about a crack and who takes care of its repair. Keep on reading!

Types of cracks that occur in the building

Before telling you who should take care of the cracks, we explain the different types you can find and the severity in each case. As we anticipated before, the causes that can cause cracks are multiple.

Settling cracks

New buildings need some time to settle into the ground. During this process, cracks can occur in walls or partitions. They are not dangerous, though rather unsightly, and can be easily repaired with some mastic, webbing, and paint.

Structural cracks

Structural cracks are those that appear in beams, pillars, and load-bearing walls. The larger a structural crack, the greater danger it poses. It is best to call a specialist to inspect them and determine how serious they are.

Fissure or crack?

One of the first things to check is whether it is a fissure or a crack. Fissures are small cracks in the plaster on a wall, facade, partition, etc. To avoid mistakes in identifying the difference between one and another: fissures have less than 1 mm of space between surfaces, so, at least in principle, they are not dangerous. So, any irregularity with a gap greater than 1 mm is considered a crack.

Who takes care of these cracks?

To claim on the appearance of a crack, it is necessary to know what caused it. If the crack, for example, appears in a dwelling that is part of an Owner’s community it is advisable to let the board of owners know. A crack in a dwelling can be the clue to analysing whether similar cracks are appearing elsewhere in the building.

 Construction company 

In this case, if the source of the problem is in our building, we will have to evaluate whether it is appropriate involve the construction company. This will only depend on the time factor. If the building was built under 10 years ago, then the construction company can be called upon to repair the cracks.


If, on the contrary, over 10 years have passed since the building was finished, it will be the community of owners that will have to take care of the repair. If necessary, an extraordinary expense payment should be proposed, which should be voted on and approved by the board to carry out the repairs.

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It may also be the case that cracks in a building result from a neighbour doing renovations in their home. In this situation, the person responsible for the work will be called upon, by sending a Registered Fax (Burofax) with acknowledgment of receipt or with the help of a lawyer. There are home insurance policies that includes Damage Defence and Claim coverage, which could help you if only your home has been affected by cracks.











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