Does home insurance cover repairs to household appliances?


Normally, homeowners policies cover household appliances only in certain specific cases. For example, when they suffer breakdowns as a result of power cuts or short circuits, power surges or storms. If the claims have causes other than electrical damage, they are generally not covered. It will therefore be necessary to take out specific cover or other specific insurance.

It’s important to know the difference between the contents and the building regarding home insurance. The contents of a property include all the goods or valuables inside the property. Furniture, jewellery, household appliances, electronic equipment, etc. It depends on the type of policy and the insurance company, so they may not be protected. To ensure they are, you’ll have to declare it in the particular and general conditions of your home insurance policy.

One of the most common household accidents is damage to the fridge. In addition to more problems with other appliances due to electrical fluctuations. It’s therefore a problem you need to be prepared for and that you can protect yourself against with the right home insurance.

What does household appliance insurance cover?

Household appliances

Household insurance for electrical appliances usually covers the washing machine, television, dishwasher or fridge. Although there are some insurers that also include the oven, extractor hood, tumble dryer or ceramic hob. If you want your washing machine to stay as good as new for many years to come, in this article we offer you some tips on how to keep it in the best condition.

Particular conditions

As mentioned above, it all depends on the type of insurance and coverage you have taken out. Not all companies provide the same coverage when it comes to this service. Before taking out a home insurance policy, check carefully what it will cover, as it’s not what it covers but how it covers it. In this regard, we recommend that you look at the particular and general conditions of your home insurance policy.

What does home insurance cover?

It’s quite common for people who take out a home insurance policy to be largely unaware of the services or elements that it covers. This can mean that we end up covering the costs of certain incidents when, in fact, the insurer should do so. To avoid this, it’s important for you to be well informed when taking out insurance for your home and know the scope of all the cover, accidents and situations you are protected against.

Basic insurance

Basic home insurance normally includes water damage, explosions, floods, theft and fire. Some insurance policies cover DIY or appliance repair services and others, that are more comprehensive, cover burglary or robbery in the public area.

Inspection and certificate

To avoid last minute surprises and to avoid insurance coverage problems, you should carry out an inspection to make sure that the house is in good working order. Otherwise if, for example, your house floods because of a faulty pipe or lack of maintenance, the insurance won’t cover you.

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