8 tips to save electricity at home this winter

consejos para ahorrar calefacciónAs winter arrives, electricity and gas bills shoot up considerably, accounting for almost half of the energy expenditure for Spanish households, according to data from the Organisation of Consumers’ (OCU). In this article we offer you some simple tips on how to survive the cold and not overpay. The environment will thank you and so will your wallet. And remember… the cheapest energy is that not consumed.

Open shutters

During the day, raise all the shutters in the house to make the most of the sunshine hours and to heat the house naturally. At night, lower the shutters so that the heat accumulated during the day does not escape.

Wrapped up warm, efficient too

In cold weather, turning on the heating is inevitable. The most efficient thing to do is wrap up warm at home and maintain a stable temperature as well as to use common sense. The ideal temperature is between 19 and 20 degrees Celsius, according to the OCU.

Bleed the radiators and check the boiler

It’s important to service our heating system properly at least once a year. We must remove the air that has built up from the radiators. Failure to do so means that we have to increase the power further. Remember that at MiServ we can help you.

Weatherstripping on doors and windows

Good insulation is essential to prevent heat loss. We think that the most expensive thing to do is to heat our home, but the most difficult and efficient thing to do is to keep it warm.

Cover your floors with rugs

The floor is another point where heat can leak from your home. They’ll keep the house nice and warm and help us to save money.

Choose energy-saving light bulbs

You can save up to 80% compared to traditional bulbs. It may initially cost a bit of extra money, but its lifetime is up to 12 times longer.

Avoid “phantom” consumption, stand-by

We’re talking about electronic devices that are “off but running”. The familiar little red light that we see when the TV or DVD player is switched off. The simple act of disconnecting them from the power supply will save 10% on your annual bill. Oh! And, yes. A mobile phone charger that’s plugged in but not connected also consumes energy.

Compare the different electricity market rates

Compare different supply rates and find the best deal for you, with an electricity comparison service.

As you’ll see, with good lighting practices, proper insulation, sensible use of heating systems and common sense, we can significantly reduce our electricity bills. We encourage you to do so! Do you know of any other tips that you can put into practice at home?

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