Saving energy at Christmas

ahorrar energía en NavidadChristmas is just around the corner. This year we’ll be celebrating differently thanks to safety measures and restrictions. Even so, we here at Mediterráneo want Christmas to have all the colour, sound and light it’s famous for. That’s why we wanted to give you a list of Christmas energy saving tips.

Christmas energy saving tips

We can all do something to save energy during the festive season. With a little planning, you can save on your electricity bill.

Energy saving light bulbs

Whether on the Christmas tree, the nativity scene or draped around the house, lights brighten up Christmas but with low-Watt LEDs you can save on your bills.


You don’t need to have the lights on all day. Timers mean you don’t have to remember when to turn on and, most importantly, turn off, your Christmas lights.

Beating the heating

Just like that we’ve made up a rhyme! But beyond the couplet, sometimes we tend to turn the heating up a bit further than we need to. The recommendation is not to set thermostats higher than 21°C in winter. Trust us, the temperature will be more than pleasant.

Oven cooking saves power

Oven cooking in winter has its advantages. Firstly, it heats up the kitchen. That’s a positive. Then there’s the fact that whatever you bake, it will practically cook itself. Put the tray in the oven for 30 minutes to an hour and simply remove when the food is done. You can also take advantage of the oven’s heat to cook several dishes in a row. Or use the oven’s residual heat when it’s off to defrost things like bread.

Ways for kids to save energy

The youngest family members are often the stars of Christmas. How do we encourage them to help save energy on the electricity bill? This is something really worthwhile because, let’s face it, they’re growing up! Giving children a little responsibility is always a good idea.

Your children are growing up and it’s the perfect time to switch from baths to showers. This is a great way to help them learn about saving water, especially hot water. Plus, there’s the associated electricity or gas savings, depending on what type of hot water system you have.

With the Coronavirus pandemic, children have learned they need to wash their hands regularly. Encourage them to turn off the tap while they lather up and wash their hands. Likewise, they can also start turning off the tap when they brush their teeth.

Lights! Suggesting that they might no longer need a night light is a perfect way to help them become more mature and independent. Perhaps you could leave the blinds partially open to let in the street light, allowing you to turn off the lights indoors. What do you think?

Saving energy at Christmas in a community of owners

At Mediterráneo, we understand the importance of energy savings in communities of owners. Contact us on this link to request a quote for managing your community of owners.

Over 55 years of experience and always on hand, with more than 25 offices. We also have a unique app that lets you contact your property manager directly. And if you are the President of your community, you can check your community accounts from your mobile.


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