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Much more than your property manager

The primary investment for families in Spain is their home. Proper maintenance of it, as well as its significance as a dwelling, require expert care.

Mediterranean, with over 60 years of experience and managing more than 200,000 co-owners, works daily to provide the best solutions to residents’ communities.

More than 300 professionals, including lawyers, economists, architects, and real estate experts, offer comprehensive solutions for the management and maintenance of their properties through various services:

  • Property Management.
  • Professional services for the home.
  • Specialised insurance.
  • Real Estate.









Sello Mediterráneo

We celebrate 60 years of managing communities.

Proud administrators since 1964.

Sello Mediterráneo

Celebramos 60 años administrando comunidades

Orgullosos administradores desde 1964

Discover what make us unique


There is no doubt that having the best team is always the best option. The professionals at Mediterráneo stand out for their training, experience, and integrity. They are committed property managers supported by top-tier specialists.

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Owners and professionals have an easier life with Mediterráneo thanks to its constantly evolving technological platform, developed over decades. It is the result of the work of a multidisciplinary team of administrators and technology experts.

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The client is at the heart of our decisions and work processes. For sixty years, we’ve been managing with that philosophy. And we continue just like the first day! Working to improve in every detail. With loyalty, also respecting those who came before us.


Sometimes, being different is the only option

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More services

Securme, seguros para el hogar y las comunidades
Insurance for home and community

We offer specialised management with insurance tailored to your needs, within top-tier insurance companies. You can now request a quote.

Inmobiliaria Mediterráneo Homes
Real state services

A specialised team will accompany you in your decisions regarding purchase, rental, or sale. The expertise of our professionals will help you make the best decision.

Profesionales de confianza para el hogar y la comunidad
Trusted professionals

Selected professionals who meet strict accreditation standards will perform any service you need from the palm of your hand.

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