What is comprehensive insurance with an excess?

Qué significa todo riesgo con franquiciaWhen you’re ready to take out car insurance, you’ll discover that you have a range of different modes to choose from. You can take out third-party, third-party with windows and fire, comprehensive and comprehensive with an excess insurance.

And this starts the questions asking what is comprehensive with an excess? Today we’re going to help you answer them.

What is comprehensive insurance with an excess?

Taking out comprehensive insurance with an excess gives you peace of mind that the policy will cover any damage to your own vehicle just as normal comprehensive insurance would. What’s the difference? By taking out an excess, the insured is required to pay part of the damages (in case of accident) as a stipulated expense when taking out the insurance. This cost is what we call the excess.

Advantages of comprehensive insurance with an excess

The main advantage of comprehensive with an excess is that it’s much cheaper than excess-free comprehensive insurance.

Of course, the main advantage over third-party insurance is that comprehensive with an excess covers the damage to your vehicle. So, it’s worth considering when this specific coverage benefits you and your car.

Sometimes we waive a higher coverage for our car because of the price of the insurance. However, it may surprise you to know that with Securme, our insurance broker, you can find comprehensive insurance with an excess at an affordable price similar to third-party with windows and fire.

Comprehensive insurance for your new car?

Fully recommended. Yes, there are situations where it is highly advisable to have comprehensive insurance with an excess, for example, when you buy a new car.

Debut your car with peace of mind, knowing that if your car is unfortunately declared a total loss, at least your policy will cover the as-new value of your vehicle for a certain period and then for market value thereafter. Plus, you’ll have conditions that no type of third-party insurance will offer.

The insurance you need with Securme

Now that we’ve hopefully clarified what comprehensive with an excess means, we want to remind you that Mediterráneo works with the insurance broker Securme, offering you every available solution so you can choose the one that suits you best. Contact us by clicking this link.

Not only will you find car insurance but also Home and Life. Naturally, we also specialise in insurance for your community of owners. At Mediterráneo, we’ve been looking after homes and communities for more than 55 years. Now, through our own insurance broker Securme, we’re offering you solutions at the best price.




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